*coughs* more than welcome sweetheart! *coughs*


Understandable, but if you feel like Aubrey’s a better fit, go for it!

nah I dont think I’m going to do it. too many master lists circling with milas face as graphic. I’ll just keep using her snarky gifs :P

It wouldn’t weird me out, but I’d probably be confused for, like, three days hahaha. (I’m exhausted and my brain doesn’t like to catch up sometimes.)

Ha! I just worry because I’ve had Mila sine july of 2013 and never had a mun face claim. I just stuck to keeras face but….

A new Munday post on the block!


★ During your time with your muse, what has been your favourite thread?
◆ If you had been born into your muse’s world, who would you be and what sort of life would you have?
☂ What are your favourite words?
● Admit to three guilty pleasures and/or embarrassing facts about yourself
♣ Out of all of the characters in your muse’s world, which would you be proudest to have had as your own child? What would you feel about their life choices?
☑ What is your most unusual, but favourite OTP?
☀ List three of your favourite things
♫ What was your very first fandom?
♥ Recommend one book, one movie and one song.
♔ Out of all the ships that you have/have had with your muse, which one was the most unexpected?

I follow you because you are so talented, funny as hell and your writing is amazing.

Tell me why you follow me, anonymously or not

so muh love in this room today!

I feel like I should make my Mun face Aubrey Plaza….but then I would have to change all my graphics….would that weird anyone out?

I follow you because you're an amazing writer. You're characters are well developed and just I love them okay. You're super nice and awesome ooc, and you have some awesome advice (and very yummy recipes on your food blog)

Tell me why you follow me, anonymously or not

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

I follow you because you're amazingly awesome. Really, it's that simple <3

Tell me why you follow me, anonymously or not

Feeling like this gif is accurate for you, me and queenie ;)

Because you make me ◕‿◕

Tell me why you follow me, anonymously or not

Only because we belong together!!!! <3

Tell me why you follow me, anonymously or not

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