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miscommunication as a plot device makes me angry

if you just talked to each other but no

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The thing about growing up with Fred and George is that you sort of start thinking anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.

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Damn it! Ria stole mine lol

LMAO! I did them for another muse!

♥ and ☢ =)

I’ll do Trinity on this since I did Keera on the last one!

♥:Most wanted AU

For Trinity because she is a bit more of a romantic then my other characters, I would love to do a fallen angel AU.   Actually now that I think about it I would love to do a fallen angel AU with any of my characters!  Just because there are so many different takes on what an angel is, how they behave, how they fall, why they would fall….there are just so many twisty ways to do that!

☢:Something about my character that I’ve never explored but want to

WIth Trinity I would really love to explore what might have happened to her if she had met her muggle or human father.  I dont really know how she would react since she was raised witch through and through.  

♪ ♥ ☢ ✔

I’ll do Keera for these:

♪:A song (or two) that I associate with my character

Chasing Twisters- Delta Rey

Black Balloon - Goo Goo Dolls

Time to Dance- Panic!

….god there are so many.  I have a million Play Lists for her and bad girl behavior.

♥:Most wanted AU

Ohhhh thats a tough one!  I typically dont do aus and just do verses but I guess I would love to do a beauty and the Beast AU.  

☢:Something about my character that I’ve never explored but want to

I would love to explore more of Keeras teenage life right after she left home and met Wash (Her benefactor and teacher).  Her mind was obviously already warped but he was really to one that taught her how to use that warping to survive.  (Lessons like “You an trust me because I’m using you, and because I’m using you, you know what I want.)

✔:What got me into roleplaying

My bestie Mags read a lot of my writing and stumbled across the TWD fan fiction that I had done and thought that I would be a good addition to a zombie rpg.  Hence…Keera was born.  (I’m still mildly young to rping- only having played since July 2013.)

  • ♪:A song (or two) that I associate with my character
  • ♥:Most wanted AU
  • ♦:Someone I follow and never roleplay with but enjoy watching from afar
  • ♣:The url I wanted but didn't get
  • ♠:A character I desperately want to roleplay with
  • ‽:An unpopular/unusual ship with my character that I love
  • ✄:Something about my portrayal that differs from others
  • ✰:A reaction image I will probably never use
  • ☠:A popular fanon headcanon about my character that bugs me
  • ☢:Something about my character that I've never explored but want to
  • ☃:A character I played on a whim and gave up on
  • ✌:A character I played on a whim and FELL IN LOVE WITH
  • ❅:A character I'm tempted to play
  • ✔:What got me into roleplaying