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Muses live at Dementedbeautyqueens, Keeraanne, and TrinityWallas.

This blog Contains not only ooc posts but things that I love including food porn, SOA love, TWD love, Places, Photography and quotes that I love and a little bit of everything else.

What I do: I can make gifs and Manips along with any writing and bio help. I'm a huge sucker for character development and have been told I have a knack for creating three dimensional, realistic character. Please contact me if you want or need anything!


For future reference, when requesting a manip please tell me what kind of relationship that the muses have unless you know for sure that I know the muses personally.  It just makes it easier to make them into something that you would like!  


Anonymous: Manip of blonde Amber Heard and Dean Geyer? :) Please.

You’ve got it Nonnie!  I will tag them and I will put them under “my manips” tag for you for reblogging!


Until I see a picture of your face, you look and sound like your muse.

Character Developments: The Powerful Need Weaknesses


Anonymous asked: I have character who is very strong willed and very strong physically to the point there aren’t many things she can’t do. Is it okay to use her as my main character if she is trying to deal with people problems she’s not used to? A big part of the story is her ability to beat people up so I don’t know if reading it will seem like there isn’t enough conflict and make it boring.

Well, if a big part of the story centers around her, it sounds like she already is your main character. But whatever her situation, there does need to be conflict, and that’s not something which just exists or doesn’t—you need to put it there. Read my post on conflict and tension and then find ways to work them into your story to keep it interesting.

Also, if she’s very mentally and physically strong, it would help a lot if she had what’s called an “Achilles’ heel,” which is a point of weakness that can cause someone or something to fail. Even the most powerful superheroes have an Achilles’ heel: Superman has Kryptonite, Ironman has a weak heart, Batman is mortal, Rogue can’t touch anyone. And even the most powerful supernatural creatures have one: Vampires can’t be in sunlight and can be killed by wooden stakes, werewolves can be stopped by silver bullets, demons can be exorcised, monsters in the closet or under the bed can be banished by light. Even the One-Ring could be destroyed in the fires of Mordor. These weaknesses are written into characters because it is necessary. For good characters, it provides tension—the looming reality that something could go wrong. For bad characters, it provides hope—the thing the heroes strive toward achieving to make everything okay again. Without that, you lose some of the conflict and most of the tension.


Tommy Flanagan. Ratcatcher.


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me: this show is so fucked up
me: *continues watching*

Tonight is basically an example of why I should keep at least one draft on each of my accounts incomplete.